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California Capital Film Office at Rancho Cordova to Open August 19th

Post Date:08/15/2019 11:22 AM

Rancho Cordova, CA (August 15, 2019) - Los Angeles-based DTLA Entertainment Group, LLC, the City of Rancho Cordova, and Rancho Cordova Travel & Tourism are pleased to announce the formation of the California Capital Film Office at Rancho Cordova (CCFO), which opens its doors August 19, 2019, at 9841 Horn Road in Rancho Cordova. The mission of the California Capital Film Office (CCFO) is to support, attract, and promote film, television and multimedia projects to Rancho Cordova and the region.

“We want the California Capital Film Office to be the one-stop resource in Rancho Cordova and the greater Sacramento region for the film industry nationwide. Our office will provide the necessary logistical services to the industry and bring economic and cultural benefits to the region,” said Ricky Borba, Executive Director of CCFO. 

CCFO will cultivate the film industry in the region, including developing a database that will serve as a resource for production companies that wish to film in Rancho Cordova and surrounding areas and to provide residents, organizations and business owners with opportunities to partner with those production companies. The database would include buildings, land, period vehicles, animals, props, period costumes, actors and background actors (extras), as well as businesses who can provide essential services to production companies and studios, such as catering, hotels and vehicle rentals. 

“When a film comes into an area, it means jobs and revenue for local businesses, especially hotels and restaurants. It is exciting that the City of Rancho Cordova and Rancho Cordova Travel & Tourism is supporting the formation of a regional film office to attract the film industry. We look forward to working with them and other regional partners,” said Charles Lago, director of CCFO. 

“We are pleased to partner with DTLA Entertainment Group and the California Capital Film Office,” said Amanda Norton, Economic Development Manager for the City of Rancho Cordova. “With CCFO’s new designation as a Qualified Film Production Office and their knowledge of the film industry, Rancho Cordova and the greater Sacramento region will be able to realize the economic value a film brings.” 

The Sacramento region has rubbed elbows with the movie industry in the past with such blockbusters as, Triple xXx starring Vin Diesel, Phenomenon starring John Travolta, Bad Grandpa with Johnny Knoxville, American Beauty with Annette Benning and most recently Ladybird, which went on to garner several Oscar nominations.

Wendy Benge, a Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney, and film producer said, “Sacramento is overlooked for shooting film and television, (despite its proximity to Hollywood), is because producers do not see the area as a filmmaker friendly. With the formation of CCFO, I plan to consider—and will recommend to other producers and clients alike—Rancho Cordova and the region as a viable filmmaker destination.”

For information about CCFO, visit or contact us at 916.696.7741.

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